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Top 5 largest lakes in Australia

Australia has 11,400 lakes and is on the list of countries with many lakes in the world. Australia is 10th on the planet. 

Most of the lakes in Australia are saline due to the climate. There water levels change with the reasons, and the dry season’s heat results in high salt levels in most regions.

Here is a list of the 5 biggest lakes in Australia;

5. Lake Frome

 Lake Frome is the lake located in the East if the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. This lake covers 641,520 acres. In 1991, the entire lake was designated as the lake Frome Regional Reserve due to its “regional geological significance.” This is non-forested salt pan.

4. Lake Mackay

Lake Mackay also known as Wilkinkarra by the indigenous Pintupi people is the 4th largest lake in Australia. This lake covers 1,170,538 acres. The lake is renowned northern Australian fish, including fingermark, king and threadfin salmon, and barramundi, thrive in the zone.

3. Lake Gairdner

Lake Gairdner lies in the Australian State of South Australia, 270 miles northwest of the state capital of Adelaide. It is over 99 miles and 30 miles wide, the overall surface area, however, is well over 1 million acres. Lake Gairdner together with Lake Everard and Lake Harris make up Gairdner National Park.

2. Lake Torrens

The second largest lake in Australia is Lake Torrens. It is located in east-central South Australia, 214 miles northwest of Adelaide. It has a surface of 1.42 million acres and a width of 40 miles by 149 miles. For 35,00 years ago, the lake water was used to be fresh to brackish but it has grown increasingly saline.

1. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre, officially known as Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is the first largest lake in Australia. It is located in South Australia and lies on 2.348 million acres. Lake Eyre is  salty lake that is mostly dry for most of the year but fills with water during wet seasons.


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