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100 new public buses have started operating in Kigali City

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The City of Kigali, along with its partners including the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), announced that 100 new buses have started operating in Kigali City, for solving transport crisis.

For many years, the city of Kigali has faced a problem with the transportation of passengers due to the scarcity of cars. The existing cars are not enough to meet the public transportation needs of the city.

During the National Dialogue ‘Umushyikirano’ held on February 27, 2023, the Government of Rwanda assured the people that it would address the transportation problem. As a solution, the government pledged to introduce more than 300 public buses to the streets of Kigali.

Today, on January 19th, the City of Kigali announced the commencement of 100 new buses for passenger transportation on different routes and zones. These buses aim to improve city mobility and reduce wait times for passengers. Each bus has a seating capacity for 70 people, provides space for wheelchair users, and offers internet connectivity.

RURA, as the regulator of transport activities, stated that individuals interested in entering the public transport business can contact them for more information and details.

The first phase of the bus deployment involved awarding 100 buses to 8 companies. These companies met the requirements of the tender, namely: Yahoo Car Express, Remera Transport Cooperative, Nyabugogo Transport Cooperative, City Center Transport Cooperative, S.U Direct Services, Jali Transport, 4G Ju Transport Ltd, and RITCO.


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