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1,500 houses which will accommodate migrants from the UK are nearly completed

The Rwanda Coordination Group for the implementation of the UK-Rwanda asylum seekers agreement revealed that the 1,500 houses, which will accommodate migrants from the UK, are nearly completed.

The Coordinator of the Migration and Economic Development Partnership between Rwanda and the UK, Dr. Doris Uwicyeza Picard, speaking to the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), said preparations to receive immigrants and asylum seekers from the UK are going well.

“In the preparations, there is a way to give them asylum, which is going well. We have a court that we are setting up now, with preparations related to where they will live, how they will reach the clinic, and whether they will go to school or work,” Dr. Doris Uwicyeza Picard told RBA.

Dr. Doris Uwicyeza Picard added that the Gahanga buildings are about to be completed, some will be completed as much as 75%. Houses are under construction, others have been found, and we are in the process of entering into an agreement with the landlords.

In March 2023, Rwanda and the UK signed an agreement to construct 1,500 houses to accommodate migrants when they reach Rwanda.

In 2022, the UK signed a 5-year agreement with Rwanda, where Rwanda agreed to accept immigrants from the UK who had entered illegally. The UK has provided support, including £290 million, to help take care of the refugees during their stay in Rwanda.

The Refugee Council has estimated that Rwanda has the capacity to house no more than 10,000 asylum seekers per year.


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