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3 important lessons Minister Dr. Utumatwishima learned from President Kagame

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The Minister of Youth and Arts, Dr. Utumatwishima Abdallah, said that President Paul Kagame taught him many lessons, including three important ones: humility, emotional control, trust, and mercy.

This was said by Minister Dr. Utumatwishima yesterday, January 24, during the discussions on the 2nd and last day of the 19th Umushyikirano National Council 2024.

Dr. Utumatwishima says that he learned important lessons from President Paul Kagame, the first of which is humility.

“The first lesson is the lesson of humility. Maybe the elders will come to correct me in history and it tell us that here in Rwanda, every Wednesday afternoon, there was a practice to praise the former President and his mother. When we look at other countries, we see something unusual when the leader is going to pass,” Minister Dr. Utumatwishima said.

“His Excellency, how humble you are! We have learned from you how we will be in our role,” the minister added.

Speaking about the second lesson on emotional management, Minister Dr. Utumatwishima said, “According to what we see, people are insulting Rwanda, and people are insulting our H.E. Otherwise, according to the way we are confident with our army, like tomorrow, you can tell us to go, but we will continue to manage well how we deal with the problems as the President solves them.”

He thanked the President’s tolerance and adherence to international law and asked the youth to learn from him.

For hope and mercy, Minister Dr. Utumatwishima said that President Kagame has trust and mercy for all people who are given responsibility and start using it for their own benefit.

Dr. Utumatwishima says that the President has taught them not to believe that they can be used by anyone.

In that discussion, Dr. Utumatwishima was asked if he dreamed that he would one day become a Minister. He said that he never dreamed of it because at that time, they said that work is farming and others are lucky. No child of the poor would be great.

Minister Dr. Utumatwishima Abdallah thanked President Kagame for taking them from afar and trusting them. They are children who grew up in poor families, where life and education were difficult, but now they are leaders.


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