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30 Defence Attachés accredited to Rwanda received a security briefing

The Rwanda Defence Force, RDF, announced that on March 27, 2024, thirty Defence Attachés (DA) and their associates, accredited to Rwanda, along with guest delegates, were received at the Ministry of Defence / RDF Headquarters in Kimihurura for the Quarterly Security Briefing.

According to the statement rely by the RDF, the participants represented twenty-four countries: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Namibia, The Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Sweden, Türkiye, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Representatives from the EU Commission, ICRC, and guest delegates from the EASF also attended the event.

The Defence Attachés (DAs) were welcomed by Brigadier General Patrick Karuretwa, the Director General of International Military Cooperation in the Ministry of Defence.

In his opening remarks, he thanked the DAs for their increasing participation and emphasized the importance of conducting security briefings to enhance defence cooperation and mutual understanding.

The DAs were briefed on new changes in the laws governing the RDF and its new structure, as well as the internal and external security situations. They also received updates on RDF operations in Mozambique and the Central African Republic.

During the briefing, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications, primarily focusing on regional security dynamics.


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