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3G network is shutting down in Australia

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3G network will be totally switched off in Australia in the coming months which will impact millions of devices across the nation.

The network will be shut down because it’s now used far less frequently as modern devices now depend on the faster 4G and 5G networks.

First telco has totally switched off 3G network today; Vodafone started the process between December 2023 and January 2024.

Telstra will finish the process on June 30, 2024 and Optus in September 2024.

The exact number to be impacted by the shutdown of 3G network in Australia isn’t known but the estimation this year put the number of 3G-reliant devices at about 3 million.

Most of the devices are older ones with around at least five or six years including phones, EFTPOS machines, cars, tablets and security cameras. 

Some were worried about calling triple zero emergency services which only works on 3G but the Australian government has said that about 740,000 4G phones will be able to call the emergency after the shutdown.

Getting in touch with phone provider or manufacturer will be the easiest way to find if a device you have is going to be affected by the shutdown.


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