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4 projects won 70 million Frw in the YouthConnekt Awards 2023

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The four best youth projects that were competing at the National Level in the “YouthConnekt Awards 2023” were awarded a prize of 70 million Frw.

It is the 11th time that the YouthConnekt Awards program has been organized, and this year’s program started in September 2023, beginning at the sector and continuing at the district, provincial, and national levels.

The competing projects are in the fields of agribusiness, manufacturing, ICT, and other services.

The top four winners for the biggest prizes are Celestine Turimumahoro , who won the prize of 25,000,000 FRW as the winner of the YouthConnekt Awards 2023, Africa Olivia, who won 20,000,000 FRW for 2nd place, Lievin Ihame who won 15,000,000 FRW for 3rd place, and Cesar Benurugo, who won 10,000,000 FRW for 4th place.

In addition to the top four winners, three other women were awarded in the category of women. The awarded individuals are Phionah Kirabo , who won the prize of 5,000,000 FRW, Janviere Tuyishimire , who won the prize of 3,000,000 FRW, and Henriette Duhozanye , who won the prize of 2,000,000 FRW.

The top three winners in the category for Youth with Disabilities are Patricie Uzayisaba who won the prize of 5,000,000 FRW, Aline Uwimpuhwe , who won the prize of 3,000,000 FRW, and Elie Dusenge Hirwa , who won the prize of 2,000,000 FRW.

During the awarding ceremony, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service and Labour, Gaspard Musonera, congratulated the winners and urged them to use their awards to further develop their businesses and inspire others. 

“Everyone has a dream; it requires your commitment and discipline to fulfill it.”

In 2012, the Government of Rwanda partnered with UNDP to initiate the YouthConnekt program, which is a multifaceted youth empowerment model focused on leveraging youth employability, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement through innovation.

This program brings together top young innovators from across the country, representing their districts and provinces.

After rigorous selection from the sector level, more than 50 best innovators are awarded, while the finalists receive the grand prize.


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