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A Garden Boy falls in love with his boss lady

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In South Africa, there is a story of a boy named Kaliati who used to be a Gardener and ended up falling in love with his boss.

Domestic workers are generally not valued by their employers.When it comes to the mistresses, they hit different because most of them complain a lot for their cleanliness.

This was not the case for Kaliati, a Malawian who went as a garden boy at home in South Africa.

It started when Kaliati, a Gardener realized that his boss, was a heart broken and depressed because of love.

Kaliati decided to take care of her boss by cooking her delicious food, telling her stories about Malawi and everything else that made her feel happy.

This woman had broken up with a guy who was unemployed but had a rich family.

As the days passed, this woman found herself falling in love with the gardener Kaliati and they ended up loving each other very much.

Currently, this boy is no longer a Gardener, he has become his boss’s boyfriend and lover and he is doing many things to please her, such as comforts her, taking her on dates, telling her stories and so on.

This woman also confessed to him that he would take care of him in the form of love and money every day.

The lesson of this story is don’t fall in love with someone because of money or because of occupation . And love can come from unexpected places.


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