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A man and his dog survive two months at sea

An Australian man who have been missing for about two months with his dog in the Pacific Ocean was found.

A man named Tim Shaddock, 51, and his dog were found after spending almost two months in the Pacific Ocean.

Tim Shaddock said that it was in the month of April that he took a boat from Mexico to French Polynesia in the north of the Pacific Ocean.

He said that while he was at sea, the weather turned bad, and his communication broke down, causing him to lose his direction.

Shaddock was first spotted by a plane flying overhead, and a ship was sent to rescue him.

The man said, “I’ve been through some tough times at sea.” he told 9News.

“I need to rest and eat well because I’ve been alone at sea for a while. I’m just fine,” he continued.

Tim Shaddock said that, all these months spent at sea, he was living by catching small fish and eating them.

Shaddock returned to Mexico with boat rescued him and was taken to a hospital to undergo a medical test and receive medical treatment if necessary.


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