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Albert Rudatsimburwa Warns as Tshisekedi Declares War

Albert Rudatsimburwa, in response to Tshisekedi’s declaration of intent to declare war on Rwanda, warned, “When a mad man keeps saying he’s gonna throw a stone at your face… you better believe him coz he’ll do it.” 

Rudatsimburwa characterized Tshisekedi as desperate, suggesting that his inability to win elections led him to focus on a war against M23, perceived as “Rwanda” defending Banyarwanda in DRC.

Despite failing to win battles against M23, Tshisekedi now signals an alarming shift, preparing for an attack on a neighboring country.

Tshisekedi, addressing the rising tensions, declared his intent to seek parliamentary authorization for war against Rwanda, stating, “Tell Kagame that I am unlike the former leaders of the DRC he used to have fun with. The DRC has changed. I will respond to any provocation.” The dispute centers on accusations, with Kinshasa alleging Rwanda’s support for M23 rebels and Kigali accusing Kinshasa of aiding the genocidal FDLR militia.

Tshisekedi’s announcement raises concerns about potential military confrontation, despite recent international efforts to broker a withdrawal deal. The situation underscores the fragile stability of the region.


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