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All you need to know about Busanza Automated Driving Test Centre

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The wait is finally over. On Monday, May 6, 2024, Busanza Automated Driving Test Centre located in Kicukiro District, Kanombe Sector in Busanza Cell officially started operating to offer driving related services to the public.

The computerized system aims at promoting and improving service delivery to all those who are applying for a driver’s license.

How much do you know about the Centre? This article intends to guide you on the services offered by the Centre, how to access them and practices that can help you to pass.


Busanza Automated Driving Test Centre offers provisional driving license test, motorcycle driving license tests and vehicle driving license tests. Definitive driving tests offer categories A, B, C, D, D1. All tests are marked on 100%. The pass-mark is 80% for definitive and 60% for provisional driving test.

During practical driving test, points are deducted as the candidate makes errors, and if the score goes below 80 points, it means you have failed the test.

Provisional Driving License Test & Medical check

Prior to sitting for computer-based provisional driving license test, candidates are subjected to health checks in the medical room and issued with a medical certificate. Medically approved applicants will be guided to the waiting room.

The provisional test comprises 20 questions, which must be answered within 20 minutes. The pass-mark for provisional test is 60% and above. Once 20 minutes are up, the computer will automatically restrict the candidate from any further actions. The computer will also show you your marks. If you feel you are finished answering the questions, click on FINISH and the computer will immediately show you your scores.

The TV screens installed in the waiting room will display names of candidates for each test shift.

Automated Driving Test Yards

Motor-vehicle driving tests are done on automated grounds installed with sensors and cameras that detect and collect information on the candidates’ skills in relation to the set driving/riding test standards, and knowledge on traffic signs.

Motorcycle Testing Yard

The motorcycle test consists of four parts, namely; figure—eight exercise, zigzag course, going through a narrow passage, and emergency braking. You have only 3 minutes to complete the test. PRESSTHE HORN when you are ready to start to alert the Control Tower. You will then be told to START.

NOTE: Do not let the motorcycle tires touch the sidelines or the engine to stop as it leads to deduction of marks. Removing the feet from the footrest for a duration exceeding one second will also affect your results. The moment you enter the narrow passage; you have 7 seconds to have crossed it. Sensors detect the moment the front tire enters the narrow passage and when the rear tire exits.

Keep in mind that during Emergency Braking, you cross the test starting line at the speed of less than25km/h, then increase the speed to above25km/h after crossing the starting line and maintain the same high speed to the Stop Line. Do not remove your right foot on the footrest of the motorcycle when you get to the Stop Line. The pass-mark is 80%.

Remember, if 30 seconds elapse before starting after getting instructions to start; skipping a step during the course of the test or involving in an accident, it will lead to automatic disqualification.

Vehicle testing yard

The vehicle driving tests carried out are for categories B, C, D, D1. These tests are ground-based and road-based. The ground driving test consists of nine (9) steps:

• The test starting point,

• Slope course,

• The zigzag course,

• Roundabout,

• Parallel parking,

• The T-course,

• The gear course,

• Emergency braking,

• The finish course

The whole test should be completed within 12 minutes 34 seconds.

The candidate will complete one step and move on to the next, until he/she is done. Skipping a course leads to automatic disqualification. If he/she passes, the system will allow him/her to proceed to the road driving test.

A communication system between you and the Control Tower is installed in the vehicle; follow the instructions carefully before starting and during the test. Do not leave the Parallel Parking and T-Course before you are told to proceed to another course.

The test begins with the left indicator turned on, but the examinee must avoid going over 8 meters before turning off the indicator, to avoid losing points.

The Slope Course

Follow the direction indicated by the signs on the ground, stop in the indicated area using the brake, for more than 3 seconds but not more than 9 seconds; prevent the car from rolling back more than 50 centimeters while taking off.

The Zigzag Course

The examinee is required to do the following:

• Follow the direction indicated by the signs on the ground

• Avoid stepping on side lines and horizontal lines

• Go through the zigzag course for a duration not exceeding one minute

The Roundabout

The examinee is required to do the following:

• When entering the roundabout, first checked if no other vehicles is within the roundabout.

• If there is another vehicle, let it go first.

• Overtake from the right side.

• Do not spend more than one minute before getting out of the roundabout.

Parallel Parking and T-Course

• Park the car while reversing.

• Park the car in the indicated area.

• Take out the car only when the system notifies that the parking test is over.

• The test takes 2 minutes. Beyond that, points will be deducted.

Category B guidelines

• Cross the gear course test starting line in first gear and with a speed of less than 20km/h.

• After crossing that line, increase the speed to more than 20km/h, shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear.

• By the time he/she reaches the finish line, the speed must have gone back below 20km/h, and returned to 1stgear.

Category C guidelines

• Cross the gear course test starting line in 7th gear and with a speed of less than 20km/h.

• After crossing that line, increase the speed to more than 20km/h, shifting from 7th gear to 8th gear.

• By the time he/she reaches the finish line, the speed must have gone back below 20km/h, shifting back to 7th gear.

Category D & D1 guidelines

• Cross the gear course test starting line in 2nd gear, and with a speed of less than 20km/h.

• After crossing that line, increase the speed to more than 20km/h, shifting from 2nd gear to 3rd gear.

• By the time he/she reaches the finishing line, the speed must have gone back below 20km/h, shifting back to 2nd gear.

Emergency Braking

• When you hear the sound signal for emergency braking, stop immediately (you have 2 seconds)

• Turn on the hazard indicators for not more than 3 seconds.

• Immediately turns off the indicators and takes off.

• The whole emergency braking is done within 5 seconds.

The Finish Course

• The candidate proceeds in the direction indicated by a sign on the road, indicating where the examinee is to take the test.

• Cross the finish line with the right side indicator turned on.


• Remember to buckle-up throughout the test

• Mind the 20km/h speed limit

• Do not let the car engine go of

• Exceeding the time allocated to complete the entire test means you have failed.


Once the candidate passes the ground-driving test, they immediately go the road test. An automated system randomly assigns an examiner, selects the road to be used and provides instructions on how the test will be conducted.

When the examinee gets inside the vehicle, he/she will again put a fingerprint on the indicated device, to start the test.

The automated system will give the candidate instructions to follow during the road test. However, where necessary, he/she will be instructed by the examiner.

The following may lead to automatic disqualification during road test

• Inappropriate wearing of the seat belt

• Exceeding speed limit per hour

• Failure to respect traffic signs and road markings, as well as police instructions.

• Refusal to obey instructions from the examiner

• Causing or involving in an accident

• Taking the wrong direction for more than 150 meters without turning back

Registration process

The registration to book for driving test at Busanza Automated Driving Test Centre is done through Irembo platform (

The amount to be paid for the driving test will depend on the category. For definitive driving test, a vehicle and motorcycle will be provided at Busanza Automated Driving Test Centre as they are part of the services you have paid for.

An applicant receives a message indicating the date and time of the test. Keep time and bring along your original National Identity Card, when coming for the test.

Src: RNP Website 


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