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Australia breaks world’s record for growing heaviest blueberry

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Blueberry fruit developed in farm located in Corindi in northern NSW by Costa Group breaks world’s record of heaviest blueberry with 20.4 grams and 39.31mm.

The blueberry has about the diameter of a golf ball and weighs 10 times as much as average same fruit.

Guinness World Records recognized the piece of fruit this week, picked on 13 November.

A fruit and vegetable producer at Corindi in NSW, Brad Hocking said when they put it on the scales was a bit shocked.

Blueberry with previous record weighed 16.2g and had diameter of 36.33mm, now the record holder is about 1.25 times the weight of the previous holder.

Some may think this blueberry’s size is due to abnormality but Hocking said within the Eterna variety: there were about 20 blueberries of a similar size present when the berry was picked.

Costa group developed the blueberry to meet consumer demands for larger berries.

There are other fruits which appear in the Guinness World Records with same record include heaviest strawberry weighing 289g grown by Israeli farmer Chahi Ariel in February 2022.


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