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Australia: Nearly 100 drowning death cases reported across Australia this summer

The reports of this summer by Surf Living Saving Australia found that almost 100 people drowned across Australia and more than half of them at coastal beaches.

The reports found that 99 people had drowned across Australia and 55 of them at coastal beaches which lifted to nine percent this summer to reach 60% of the total. 84% of drowned people were male.

They also revealed that more than 5700 rescued, 25 first aid treated and 1.3 million preventive actions carried out by volunteer Surf Life savers.  

“Surf Life Saving Australia is committed to working with our stated to invest in technology that is tailored to the different regions across Australia and can help us target those black spot regions where people are visiting but are currently unpatrolled,” Surf Life Saving Australia CEO Adam Weir said.


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