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Australia: NWS Teachers Federation Faces Criticism for Palestine Protest Support

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The New South Wales Teachers Federation has stirred controversy by endorsing the wearing of Palestinian Keffiyehs and advocating for an end to bombing in Gaza among its members. 

Sky News Australia host Sharri Markson criticized the move, labeling it as “clear, disgusting bullying” that could make Jewish students feel unsafe. 

The Federation’s State Council passed a motion encouraging teachers to use their classrooms for pro-Palestinian advocacy, with one amendment promising to work with the state government to ensure teachers can support colleagues and students in Gaza without violating the Education Department’s code of conduct. 

Markson condemned the union for involving itself in political protests, asserting that the focus should be on improving literacy and numeracy rates. 

The Department of Education emphasized the need for political neutrality and warned of consequences for breaching the code of conduct. The Teachers Federation defended teachers’ right to dress as they choose, emphasizing professional respect.


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