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Australia to face megadroughts for more than 20 years

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The new research has shown than Australia should prepare to face megadroughts lasting for more than 20 years. 

Future droughts in Australia could be far worse than anything experienced in recent times, Research from the Australian National University published.

Climate change would make megadroughts more severe as they can occur naturally, Climate Scientist Georgy Falster said.

“We have this situation where on the one hand, there’s the possibility for naturally occurring megadroughts than can last multiple decades and might come along every maybe 150 to 100 years,” Dr Falster said.

“But then on the other hand, we found climate change is tending to make droughts longer, particularly in South, western and eastern Australia, and climate change is also making droughts more severe because of the hotter temperature.”

To reduce the risks of megadroughts and their severity, Australia has to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare water management strategies. Community support networks and financial support for farmers, environmental management plans, that sort of thing, Dr Falster said.


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