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Can the World Unite? COP28 Nations Pledge Billions

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World leaders including President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame unite at the Sustainable Markets Initiative reception in Dubai for COP28, pledging millions to the loss and damage fund. The UAE takes the lead with a $100 million commitment.

Key Points to Learn from COP28 and Benefits for Africa:

Global Pledges to Loss and Damage Fund:

Countries, including the UAE, Germany, the UK, Japan, and the US, have made pledges to the loss and damage fund at COP28.

The fund aims to assist developing nations most vulnerable to climate change.

Amounts Committed:

The UAE leads with a commitment of $100 million to the fund, followed by Germany with the same amount.

The UK commits £40 million, plus an additional £20 million for other arrangements.

Japan pledges $10 million, and the US contributes $17.5 million.

Operationalization of the Fund:

The loss and damage fund was agreed upon at COP27 in Egypt the previous year and is set to be operationalized within a year.

The World Bank is designated to administer the funds initially, with the first board meeting scheduled for no later than January 31, 2024.

Recommendations for Fund Implementation:

The meeting generated recommendations on how the loss and damage fund would function, emphasizing essential grant-based support for countries severely impacted by climate and loss.

There is a call for nominations for representatives to the board overseeing and governing the fund.

Challenges and Optimism:

While hailed as historic, concerns remain, including the emphasis on the World Bank and unclear financial obligations.

Affluent nations are urged to meet their financial obligations in proportion to their role in the climate crisis.

Greenpeace Mena expresses optimism, urging rich developed countries to make major contributions, and emphasizing the need for polluting industries to bear responsibility.

Benefits for Africa:

The loss and damage fund provides an opportunity for African nations to receive crucial support in addressing climate-related challenges.

The fund’s focus on vulnerable countries aligns with the climate-related risks faced by many African nations.

Africa can benefit from grant-based support, potentially improving resilience and adaptation efforts.

The emphasis on a just phasing out of fossil fuels aligns with Africa’s push for sustainable development.

COP28 presents an occasion for African countries to engage in discussions and collaborations that address their specific climate-related concerns.

These key points highlight the financial commitments, operationalization plans, and potential benefits for Africa arising from COP28 and the loss and damage fund.


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