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Canada: Raziska Showcases Rwandan Culture During Multicultural Day

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Uwimana Razia, also known as ‘Raziska’ a Rwandan woman living in Ottawa, Canada, presented her motherland’s culture during Multicultural Day in the country.


On April 27, 2024, an event was held in Ottawa to showcase the cultures of different countries, with volunteers presenting their countries’ cultures to their coworkers.


Rwandan Uwimana Razia told Hobe Australia that during the exhibition of motherland culture in the workplace, she showcased the beauty of Rwanda through items like animal statues, handcrafted items, and other elements that highlight the beauty of the country.


“I presented Rwandan culture through statues of animals like gorillas and handcrafted items that showcase the beauty of our ‘thousand hills’ country. It’s all about showing foreigners the beauty of our country to encourage them to visit Rwanda,” Raziska told Hobe Australia.


On June 27, Canadian Multiculturalism Day celebrates the cultural diversity that contributes to a strong and vibrant Canadian society.


People in Canada see this day as an opportunity to celebrate the cultural richness that enriches them collectively, reaffirming their commitment to equity, inclusion, and mutual respect.


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