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Cattle die from Australia to Indonesia

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More than 100 cattle from Australia to Indonesia have died, prompting a “priority” investigation by the federal government.

The deaths occurred on the Brahman Express, which left Darwin on 14 March and arrived in Indonesia six days later, according to Guardian Australia.

Cattle had no suggestions of exotic animal disease including foot-and-mouth disease or lumpy skin disease as inspected before lefting Darwin.

The Australian Livestocks Exporters’ Council has suggested the deaths were caused by botulism, a toxin that attacks the nervous system.

“Based on evidence so far we believe the cause of the death is botulism, but we are awaiting confirmation from the department of agriculture,” Mark Harvey-Sutton from the Australian Livestock Exporters Council said.

“Efforts are under way to treat remaining animals that may be affected,” a council spokesperson said.

It’s believed that the dead cattle were from single property in the Northern Property.

According to the council, Indonesia is Australia’s most important trading partner for live cattle.


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