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Crowds march calling for an end to native forest logging

Thousand rally have marched across Australia’s capital cities and regional centres calling for an to end to native forest logging.

It is in the way of increasing pressure on the federal government to protect forests and their inhabitants.

People attended the marches in tree or koala costumes, holding signs calling for the preservation of the habitats of native wildlife, according to the Guardian Australian.

Crowds gathered in Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide, as well as regional centres of Newcastle, Bega, Kyneton, Lismore and Bellingen, as part of the March in March for forests organized by the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Right now, when we need forests the most, we are still destroying them. We need to protect and restore native forests,” environmentalist Bob Brown said.

Over 4,000 people attended the marches only a week after other 3,000 people marched to end forest logging in Hobart.

The ‘Koala Summit’ looking at the major threats posed to one of Australia’s most popular native species hosted at New South Wales last week.

Weber said protesters from across the country had expressed concerns at habitats being destroyed, even in places like Adelaide, where there was little connection to forests.

She said the Foundation’s campaign was aimed at the next federal election.

“We are targeting Prime Minister Albanese directly. We want him to know that he can protect native forests securely across Australia and end native forest logging. It doesn’t have to be up to the state.”


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