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Escalating Violance Leads To Closure Of MONUSCO Base In DRC

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The United Nations Organizations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) has closed its base in Lubero, located in the North Kivu Province due to the violence which is increasing rapidly in the region.

The closure of MONUSCO’s base was symbolized by the lowering of the United Nations flag.

This comes after the fatal attack on an Italian ambassador and his bodyguard, and the instability of security that has long plagued in DRC.

Closure of MONUSCO base is likely to have effects on the local security as the local populace were relying their protection and supports to UN peacekeepers and they are finding themselves in precarious situation.

Changes are expected in the UN’s peacekeeping operations within the region after the closure of base in Lubero. The discussion are now rising that maybe another bases may be closed and the future trajectory of MONUSCO’s operations in the DRC is now a subject of intense interest for both the international community and local stakeholders.


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