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First locally made rocket to lift-off from Australian soil

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The image of the first Australian-made rocket has released which is set to be launched from Bowen, Australia in April.

The rocket was made by gold coast-based company Gilmour Space Technologies. It weighs more than 30 tonnes and measuring 25 metres, the vessel is designed to carry satellites into space.

The production of this rocket has started in 2015 with Gilmour’s rocket program.

Co-founder and Chief executive of Gilmour Space Technologies, Adam Gilmour has said that it’s tricky with the first rocket in case something goes wrong along the way.

“With our success going into orbit, we will bring Australia into the space age.” Mr Gilmour said.

The project has been delivered a major boost after raising $55 million from investors including Queensland Investment Corporation and superannuation firms Hotplus and HESTA. According to ABC News.

“The investment would allow my team to make at least four launch attempts but I expect the first trials might not reach orbit,” Mr Gilmour.

“This gives us a buffer with our contracts that we’ve already go to keep going for at least two years,” he said.

Mr Gilmour said that when he saw the rocket come together last week…it hit him this is real now. For now; the only thing they’re waiting on is approvals from the Australian Space Agency to launch the rocket and they think they’re coming soon.


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