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Foreigners are happy to celebrate the festive season in Rwanda

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Different foreigners are happy to celebrate the end of the year festive season in Rwanda because of the good security that is being observed, so they don’t have to worry about anything.

In these times that end the year 2023, various people are continuing activities that include parties and traveling to certain places.

Rubavu Beach on Lake Kivu is one of the most visited places during this time of Christmas Mass and ending year. Different people, including children, parents, and others, are there to celebrate with their families and friends.

Some of the people who are on Lake Kivu are foreigners from other countries who have come to spend the ending period of the year in Rwanda. These foreigners, talking to Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, RBA, say that they are happy to come to Rwanda because of the good security there.

“I came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the DRC. I came to Rwanda because of the security compared to ours in Congo. I will also return here at the end of the year on December 31,” a Congolese person told Rwanda Broadcasting Agency.

A Canadian who spoke to RBA said that because of the good security in Rwanda, he brings his whole family to celebrate the festive season.

“There is no security problem here. As a Canadian, there is security in Rwanda. That’s why I bring my whole family, children, grandchildren, to rest”.

A man from India also said that Rwanda is his favorite country and that is why he brought his whole family to Rwanda so that they could enjoy the beach of Lake Kivu.

During the festive season, tourism, hotels, and bars are the most popular activities needed by society. This made the Rwanda Development Board, RDB, announce on December 14 that the Government of Rwanda has changed the operating hours during the Festive Season, from December 15, 2023, to January 7, 2024, so people can continue to enjoy and celebrate.


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