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Ghana: A woman is crying and asking for advise after cheating her husband

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A Ghanaian woman is asking for advice after cheating her husband, who has been in United States for ten years without facing each other.

A Ghanaian woman is still asking people for advice after she cheated her husband, who has been living in the United States for ten years.

This woman said this in an interview with a Ghanaian journalist named Dr. Prekese on Radio called Onua in Ghana.

He told this journalist that there is a man who is asking her to marry him and that he is ready to do everything possible to do so.

This woman began to cheat her husband, when she had been living alone for about seven years without her husband.

The mother of three also said that she has turned down several men who have asked her for love over the years, despite her husband’s backstabbing.

This woman began to cheat back her husband , because of the years that had passed without facing each other . Now she was at a loss for an answer. if is you, how would you do it?


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