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#GushimaPK’s Letter To His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of The Republic Of Rwanda

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In the heart of Rwanda’s Entertainment, a letter has been sent , carrying with it the dreams and aspirations of a nation grateful for the transformative leadership of His Excellency Paul Kagame. 

This epistle, penned by Rwandan social media influencer Godfather250 and Country Records, extends an invitation wrapped in gratitude for President Kagame’s unwavering support in shaping the artistic landscape of the nation.

Titled “A Collective Wish: Your Presence at a Special Event Celebrating Rwanda’s Creative Industry,” the missive is more than an invitation; it is an ode to the remarkable progress witnessed under President Kagame’s visionary guidance. 

#GushimaPK, the dream event that awaits, is not merely a celebration of music, arts, and creativity but a testament to the symbiotic relationship between leadership and the dynamic youth of Rwanda.

As the letter unfolds, it illuminates the dedication of Rwanda’s youth, whose creative endeavors transcend personal expression to become catalysts for societal development. 

#GushimaPK, an embodiment of this spirit, seeks to showcase the vibrancy flourishing under President Kagame’s administration, with the audacious hope that his presence will magnify the gratitude and support for the nation’s creative industry.

A written letter by ‘Godfather’ and Country Records to President of The Republic of Rwanda

With the hashtag #GushimaPK gaining momentum on social media, a fervent anticipation envelops the nation as it waits for President Kagame’s response—a response that could mark not just an event but a profound moment of unity.


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