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How to check if your construction permit is original by using Smartphones?

 Rwanda has been experiencing a rapid development for the last two decades in all sectors. In attempts to respond to the exponential increase in housing demand, buildings and family dwellings are being renovated all over the country.

 However, many constructions were not necessarily in proper compliance with regulations and standards in force in Rwanda.

The former permitting procedures could cost a lot to applicants in terms of resources such as time, money, follow-up efforts, spent to get a building permit. 

In response to this issue, the Government decided to digitize permitting services so that citizens can access them wherever they are.

There are some people who work in the service of helping people to find legal building permits, but you find that they give you fraud permit.

 *How to check if your construction permit is not fraudulent?* 

City of Kigali via X formerly Twitter posted a video to help people to know if the construction permit they received is original and not fraud by using their smart phones.

In order for a person to get a construction or building permit, he/she needs people who know and professional in the construction permit system. 

And when you apply for construction permit your application is sent to the city of Kigali or in the district, according to the form of house you are applied for.

When your request is approved, you get the license in the system , it comes as soft documents, then you made download.

After downloading, go to the corner of the paper and find the Quick Response Code known as ‘QR code’, take your smart phone and scan on that QR Code.

The QR Code contains all the information related to the construction permit applicant, such information is the name of the construction permit applicant, the location of the house he wants to build and the period of construction.

When you scan and find the information contained in the QR Code is incorrect, you are advised by the authorities to report the issue to local government or any government bodies on order to know what really happened, and if their is some crimes made in application, some people may be investigated, and helps you to avoid some losses.

Depending on the intended activity, there are 7 Building Permits applied in Rwanda especially in Kigali City: New Construction Permit, Extension Permit, Refurbishment of existing building with structural alteration Permit, Rehabilitation and refurbishment without structural alteration Permit, Full or partial demolition Permit, Occupancy Permit and Change of building use Permit.


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