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India: A husband and wife poisoned their children and then committed suicide because of debt

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In the country of India, a husband and wife poisoned their children and then committed suicide because of the family’s bank debt.

This happened in the country of India in the area of ​​Neel bad, on this 4th of July this year 2023.

The man, 38-year-old Bhupendra Vishwakarma, was heavily in debt to the bank he had taken. Before all this happened, he had written a letter to his family and told them his move.

After the relatives of this man, came to read this message and they immediately informed the Police of the country of India.

The man was hanged with his wife named Ritu, 34 years old in the room, and their children were also located in another room after they all died.

Before committing suicide, the deceased wrote a letter to his family in which he said: “I don’t know what to do and what to stop, I don’t know what happened to my small and happy family, we want to apologize to our family members, because of my mistakes, the whole family was affected”.

He concluded by saying, “This is where our journey ends, what we want is that there will be no tests to check what killed us, and all the farewell ceremonies will be done together so that we will all stay together”.

According to TT nagar assistant commissioner of Police, SP Chandrashekar Pandey, he said that the husband and wife committed suicide after poisoning their children.

He went on to say that the family had taken a loan and was unable to pay and added that they bodies taken for examination to see what killed them


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