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Itorero Indangamirwa 2024: A platform that empowers Rwandan youth

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The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and National Unity and Civic Engagement (MINUBUMWE) invited Rwandan youth living abroad to attend the Itorero Indangamirwa Intake 14/2024 program.

The program is scheduled to take place from July 5, 2024, to August 20, 2024, at Nkumba in Burera District.

Eligible participants of Itorero Indangamirwa are Rwandan youth living abroad, youth who graduated from international school in Rwanda, top performers in Urugerero, young entrepreneurs, and young leaders.

The requirements to attend include being Rwandan, having a national ID card or passport, being 18-25 years old, available from July 5, 2024, to August 20, 2024, covering the cost of transportation to and from Kigali, and being in good health.

Eligible individuals are reminded to take note of an important deadline. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has set June 15 as the final date to complete the registration process on www.minubumwe.gov.rw.

The initiative, aimed at engaging and empowering Rwandan youth living in Rwanda and abroad, aged 18-25, will provide a transformative training experience focused on personal development, professional growth, and a deep connection to their Rwandan heritage.


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