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Japan: 7.6 magnitude Earthquake put the country in danger

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At least 48 people died and thousands were displaced by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan.

It was an earthquake that happened yesterday, January 1, when the whole world entered the new year of 2024.

The 7.6-magnitude earthquake struck Ishikawa prefecture, damaging roads, 5,000 homes, power lines and killing 48 people, according to Japan’s emergency services.

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida told reporters that now 3,000 rescuers including police, soldiers with airplanes and ships have been sent to rescue people who have been stranded because the railways and other means have been damaged.

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida told reporters that it is difficult to rescue those in the areas affected by the earthquake because the roads are damaged, the airports are so damaged that it is difficult for the planes to be able to fly to help those in need, but that the country is trying everything possible.

“To secure the route there, he is to mobilize all the means of transport, not only on the ground but also by aerial and marine transport. We have been making an effort to transfer goods, supplies and personnel there since last night,” Prime Minister Kishida said.

Japan is prone to strong earthquakes as in 2026 a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Kumamoto area in the south killing more than 200 people.


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