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Kigali Special Economic Zone attracted $2.5 billion investment _ RDB reports

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Kigali Special Economic Zone, known as Masoro Economic Zone in Gasabo District, has attracted an investment of $2.5 billion and created over 15,070 jobs until 2022, as revealed by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

This was announced on January 16th during a consultative meeting organized by the RDB with stakeholders of the Kigali Special Economic Zone to discuss milestone investments in the zone that have benefited the country and address challenges to ensure its sustainability.

Nelly Mukazayire, RDB Deputy CEO, noted that as of 2022, the zone has attracted over $2.5 billion worth of investments from more than 200 companies, creating over 15,070 jobs and generating $990 million in export revenues.

“While we celebrate all that the zone has contributed, we want to ensure that moving forward, we have an economic zone that is sustainable. There is always room for improvement to ensure that everyone receives the best services and is able to perform at the highest level,” said Nelly Mukazayire, RDB Deputy CEO.

The Kigali Special Economic Zone was developed in two phases, with the first phase covering 98 hectares of land.

 This phase includes paved roads, electricity, water and waste transport and storage systems, and internet connections, all of which help facilitate safe and efficient operations for the operators.

The first category within this phase comprises 97 sites divided into different categories. The first site houses the control building, where all the equipment used in the factories is managed. 

The second site houses the water tanks for each factory, and another site contains the plant that treats all the waste from the industry. Additionally, there are 94 other sites built for factories and warehouses for various products.

The second phase of the Masoro Economic Zone covers 178 hectares of land and is also equipped with infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water supply, sewage, and fire-fighting technology. 

There are a total of 67 sites in this category, including a sewage treatment plant, a water treatment plant, and an industrial waste treatment plant.

Access to land in this Economic Zone is facilitated through the Special Economic Zones Authority of Rwanda (SEZAR), a private agency controlled by the government. The price of one square meter is $62, and a minimum purchase of one hectare of land is required. Upon purchase, all relevant documents will be provided.


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