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LATAM Plane’s black box seized for investigation on mid-air plunge

New Zealand investigators are aware to know the cause of LATAM plane’s plunge which left more than 50 passengers injured.


LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner plunged two hours on Monday while on flight from Sydney to Auckland. The flight was scheduled to continue to Santiago after landing in Auckland.

The incident caused passengers to throw from their seats and some hit the ceiling, 50 people were treated, 13 people transported to Middlemore Hospital and one person met serious condition after the plane lands in Auckland.

In the investigation to know what caused the mid-air plunge, New Zealand’s Transport Accident Investigation Commission said it was seizing the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder.

The recorders; known as “black boxes”, contains the information about the flight and provides detailed data on the direction of flight and the communication in cockpit.


As LATAM Airlines based in Chile, Chilean authorities confirmed they had also opened the investigation about the incident and was helping New Zealand in the investigation.

There are no results yet for the cause of plane’s “drop” in the sky.


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