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Liberia Reverses Vote Against Gaza Ceasefire Amid Presidential Directive

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In a swift turnaround, Liberia has altered its stance on a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, reversing its earlier vote against the proposal. The directive for this change came directly from President George Weah, as confirmed by the Liberian Foreign Ministry.

“The Liberian Foreign Ministry has ensured the reversal of the negative vote through the appropriate channels at the UNGA [United Nations General Assembly] and registered a new vote in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza,” stated the information ministry on Tuesday.

According to the ministry, diplomats who initially opposed the ceasefire did so without President Weah’s approval. Emphasizing President Weah’s commitment to peace, the ministry highlighted his recent letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he passionately appealed for restraint, considering the plight of civilians caught in the crisis.

Liberia had been the sole African nation among the ten countries voting against the humanitarian ceasefire during the December 12th session. As President Weah approaches the end of his term following an unsuccessful re-election bid, this diplomatic shift marks a notable development in Liberia’s foreign policy.


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