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Melbourne records high population growth surge

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According to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), both Melbourne and Sydney have recorded population growth surge in 2022-2023.

Melbourne is on top of other cities after surging 167,500 people, suburb Rockbank records largest growth. 

Melbourne is followed by Sydney surged 146,700 people, Perth added 81,300 residents and Brisbane added 81,200 residents.

Rockbank and Mount Cottrell welcomed 4,300 people residents which is the highest in the city while nearby suburb Fraser Rise and Mickleham, in the state’s north both saw a jump of 3,400 residents.

Urban areas and developing suburbs were among the locations that recorded a population boom in Victoria. 

Currently Sydney has 100,000 more residents than Melbourne.

Previously social researcher and demographer Mark McCrindle said he was confident Melbourne will take the crown in a few years.


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