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Minister Urges Rwandan Youth Abroad to Contribute to Homeland Development

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In a compelling address at The 2023 Rwanda Youth Convention held in Ottawa and Gatineau, Canada, Minister of Youth, Dr. Utumatwishima Jean Nepo Abdallah, delivered a poignant message to Rwandan youth residing in Canada and the United States. Emphasizing the paramount importance of one’s homeland, he urged the youth to recognize the unparalleled value of their country of origin.

During the event, organized by the International Rwanda Youth for Development (IRYD) in collaboration with the Rwandan Community Living Abroad, RCA, Rwandans living in the United States and Canada, and the Government of Rwanda, participants engaged in discussions aimed at fostering cultural appreciation, mutual learning, and addressing topics pertinent to the development in both Rwanda and the host countries.

Dr. Utumatwishima specifically encouraged young professionals, especially those working in the field of technology, to consider investing their skills and resources in Rwanda. His call resonated with the broader theme of contributing to the collective journey of building a better nation.

Addressing the youth involved in technology, Minister Utumatwishima urged them to invest in Rwanda, encouraging them to actively contribute to the nation’s advancement. In his impassioned plea, he stated, “By disregarding the entirety of your lived history and overlooking your experiences, you must contribute something so that we can unite, collectively constructing the Rwanda we aspire to see. Rwanda may be compact in terms of physical land, yet it must possess a vast spirit and be expansive in its practical manifestations.”

This call to action underscores the government’s commitment to harnessing the potential of the Rwandan diaspora for the collective goal of nation-building. Minister Utumatwishima’s words resonate as a reminder to the youth abroad that their contributions, particularly in sectors like technology, can play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for Rwanda.


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