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More Australians to die from bowel cancer

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The research has shown that more than a thousand additional Australians are likely to die from bowel cancer because of the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Additional 234 bowel cancer cases and 1,186 deaths are expected in Australia over 10 years, between 2020 and 2030.

The scientists say they predict pandemic disruptions would lead to a 2.4% increase in deaths related to the cancer compared with a scenario with no screening disruption or diagnostic treatment delays.

But they also found that increasing diagnostic and treatment capacities by 5% could help to prevent 350 Australians deaths.

Apart from lung cancer, bowel cancer is the third most diagnosed and second deadliest cancer in Australia.

The research found Australia experienced a 7% decrease in screening, 11.7% decrease in diagnoses and up to 7% decrease in treatment.

Once the Australians got back into regular bowel cancer screenings and testing, the report found that Australia would record 842 deaths rather than the predicted 1,186.


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