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More than 75% of Rwandans have food security

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The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr. Musafiri Ildephonse, revealed that now more than 75% of Rwandans have food security after various problems that had disrupted the country’s economy.

This was discussed yesterday at the 19th Umushyikirano National Council, where various Ministers, including Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana, Minister of Finance, Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, Minister of Health, and Dr. Musafiri Ildephonse, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, addressed Rwandans about the state of the country in terms of economy and health.

Minister Dr. Musafiri Ildephonse told Rwandans that, in order to find solutions, the country is now self-sufficient in food at a rate of 78%, up from 28% in 2006.

“In search of a solution, today I bring the good news that we are now harvesting all over the country and in all districts. Food is available, and we are harvesting beans, maize, potatoes… Prices have dropped significantly,” said Minister Dr. Musafiri.

Minister Dr. Musafiri explained that what made all this happen was the national policy aimed at ensuring that Rwandans get basic things such as fertilizer and seeds through the ‘Nkunganire’ program. 

The country also aims to be self-sufficient in all foods, including fish, so that there will be no more critics of Rwandans because of small fish.

“We are going to increase the production of fish in the next five years, and we understand that the issue of exporting fish out of the country and those who are always criticizing us day and night will be completely removed,” Minister Dr. Musafiri said.

Rwandans are also asked to properly store the agricultural products that have been obtained and to cultivate all the land to continue harvesting more.


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