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New 497 prison guards passed out in Rwanda Correctional Service

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On January 10, 2024, at the RCS Training School Rwamagana (RTS), there was a ceremony to mark the passing out of the basic course for the intake 6 of 497 prison guards.

The ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Interior, Alfred Gasana, who enrolled 479 people in the Rwanda Correctional Service, including 342 boys and 155 girls, while 34 did not complete the course due to bad behavior or other reasons.

The Director of the RCS Training School at Rwamagana, located in Nsinda, SSP Jean Pierre Bazambanza, stated that during the year-long course, the trainees were taught to respect human rights, understand the operations of the Armed Forces, receive training in the management and use of weapons, and were taught self-defense techniques and proper behavior.

Minister of Interior, Gasana Alfred, congratulated the new recruits who completed the training, urging them to have the right attitude to assist the inmates with their daily activities.

“Now you will be deployed to prison and other locations to put into practice what you have learned. We hope to strengthen the security of the country through proper prison management and the rehabilitation of those involved,” Minister Gasana said.

“Take care of their rights, avoid disturbing them, and refrain from engaging in deviant behavior or any criminal activities as it would hinder RCS’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities,” the Minister of Interior added.

Minister Gasana requested the new prison guards to serve as examples of rehabilitated individuals, as their behavior will inspire confidence that they can contribute to the inmates’ transformation.


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