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New prostate cancer treatment to be firstly tried

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The new cure of prostate cancer will be tried at Brisbane believed to leave away regular treatments.

The new treatment is advantageous than regular treatment as it targets diseased cells more accurately, with fewer side effects.

GPS-like tracking system allows the agent to target only prostate cancer cells and treatment uses the targeted alpha therapy.

After it has found and absorbed a toxic payload of lead that releases radiation to kill the cancer is dropped.

Gary Bryant, 75, suffered from prostate cancer in 2019, he began chemotherapy but was not helping and finally was stopped and started to receive end-of-life care.

Mr Bryant was then asked to take part in a world-first trial of a new treatment for prostate cancer and So far the trial has seen great results stopping Mr Bryant’s cancer progression.

“The fact we are seeing at such early stages, disease control, it is incredibly encouraging,” Hansen said.


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