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No Spitting!City of Kigali announces guidelines of using Nyarutarama Running track

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The City of Kigali has announced seven guidelines that will guide the users of the Nyarutarama running track for public sports and physical exercise activities.

These days, some people criticize the users of the Nyarutarama road in Gasabo District, where they criticize the users for engaging in activities that may cause the road to deteriorate or lose its beautiful appearance.

The City of Kigali considers this road one of the most modern infrastructures today because of its beauty and its importance to those who use it for sports such as running and walking.

The City of Kigali, via Social Media, announced seven guidelines that will guide the use of the Nyarutarama running track. These guidelines include that the running track is dedicated solely to physical exercise activities, that proper running shoes and sportswear are required, and that users should refrain from passing through the garden surrounding the track.

Other guidelines that must be followed by those using the Nyarutarama running track include that it is forbidden to urinate on the route, that littering on the track should be avoided, and that using walking sticks is prohibited unless for elders and individuals with disabilities.

 The City of Kigali also states that it is prohibited to use the Nyarutarama running track with dogs unless on paved roads.

The Nyarutarama running track is 2.4 kilometers long with a four meter width and is laid on a special lane.

It has a soft artificial running surface made of high-quality synthetic rubber that is meant to ensure a safe and comfortable running environment for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The installation of the track is part of the city’s larger plan to promote a healthy lifestyle and foster a culture of physical activity within the local community.

City of Kigali announces Nyarutarama running track usage guidelines.


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