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NSW: Almost 600 people charged domestic violence in four days

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The Police of New South Wales has almost charged 600 people with serious domestic violence offences in just four days in the operation called Amarok V which ran from February 7 to 10.

There were 1183 charges laid and in the operation 590 people were arrested. Among 590 arrested, 229 of them were wanted by police for serious domestic violence offences.

“Operation Amarok V is the largest ever crackdown on dangerous domestic and family violence offenders, with the ultimate goal being to safeguard the community and reduce the incidence of serious harm or death;” NSW Police Minister Yasmin Catley said.

Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon has said that the domestic and family violence should be treated same as like organized crime and homicide.

“Operation Amarok V is about precision in targeting the most dangerous offenders, the ones who pose a significant threat to victims, to family members, to other members of the community,” Lanyon said.

In the operation also, Police conducted 131 Firearms Prohibition Order compliance searches and 5493 Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders.


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