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NSW: Residents warned not to use tap water without boiling

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Recent rainfall and floods have made drinking water unsafe for the residents of Yass, Murrumbateman, Bowning, and Binalong, so they’re warned not to drink tap water without boiling.

The updates said that the situation was being fixed, but was awaiting clearance by New South Wales Health before lifting the boil water alert. According to 9 News.

“We are awaiting approval from NSW Health before proceeding with the next step. Council will continue to work with NSW Health until the water supply is operating in accordance with guidelines that allow the boil water alert to be lifted”

“Council will advise residents, businesses, and media as soon as the approval for the boil water alert to be lifted is received.”

Residents was initially warned that their water is unsafe last Wednesday. Water for food preparation, making ice, cleaning teeth, pet drinking, sponge-bathe children and drinking are advised to be boiled before use.

This issue has impacted the businesses in the region like Local café owner Ashlee Wile has said that she has at least spent $200 on bottled water over past days.


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