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Polish President Andrzej Duda explains why Polish investors are interested in investing in Rwanda

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The President of Poland, Andrzej Sebastian Duda, said that investors have considered investing in Rwanda because of its stability, security, significant investment opportunities, natural resources, and a stable local market.

On February 7th, the Rwanda-Poland Business Forum was held at the Kigali Convention Center. It was attended by President Paul Kagame, his Polish counterpart President Andrzej Sebastian Duda, and other business people, with 80 from the Rwanda Private Sector and 18 from the Polish private sector.

President Andrzej Sebastian Duda of Poland said that it is not surprising that companies from Poland are starting projects in Rwanda because the country offers stability, security, important investment opportunities, economic resources, and hardworking people with plans.

“It is not surprising that many Polish investment companies are starting their projects here in Rwanda and they do not want to implement them anywhere else because this country offers them a lot of what they need: stability, security, high-level asset management, important investment opportunities, natural resources, and hardworking and organized people,” President Andrzej Sebastian Duda said.

President Kagame said that Polish investors have shown interest in utilizing investment opportunities in Rwanda in cooperation with the private sector for some time.

“The many organizations represented today show that we have a lot to share. In Rwanda, we have been working hard for a long time to create ways to make it easier for those who do business to be able to grow and be creative,” President Paul Kagame said.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance announces that there are four large Polish projects in Rwanda with an investment of $72.3 million.

These projects have employed more than 330 Rwandans in sectors including health, technology, energy, and construction.


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