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Pope Francis joins the Bishops to pray for Eastern DR Congo

Pope Francis has revealed that he has joined the bishops in praying for the east of the Congo, which continues to struggle with war. Pope Francis announced this in Saint Peter’s Square on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at the Vatican, during the Sunday Mass.

After the Angelus, Pope Francis focused on praying for the world, which continues to suffer from wars such as the war between Russia and Ukraine that has been ongoing for 3 years, and the war in Palestine between Hamas and Israel.

Regarding the DR Congo crisis, Pope Francis said that he is concerned about the increase in conflict in Eastern Congo and that he joined the bishops in praying for peace.

He also expressed hope that constructive dialogue should be sought. “It is with concern that I am following the increase in violence in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I join the bishops’ call to pray for peace, hoping that the clashes may cease and that a sincere and constructive dialogue may be sought”, Pope Francis said. In January of last year, Pope Francis visited DR Congo and pleaded for the country to stop the war.

However, he was unable to visit Eastern DR Congo, Goma, because of the fighting that was going on there.


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