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President Kagame commissions 624 new RDF cadet officers.

President Paul Kagame and the Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF), commissioned 624 new officers at the Rwanda Military Academy – Gako in Bugesera District.

During his address, President Kagame expressed gratitude to the newly commissioned officers for choosing to serve their country in the RDF.

 He also appreciated their parents for nurturing and supporting their decision to join the Rwanda Defence Force.

“The profession you have chosen is not solely about combat or inciting conflicts, as some may perceive. Wars are waged with a justified cause. In Rwanda, we consider engaging in conflict when our freedom and sovereignty are threatened. Many who perished in our tragic history were not part of the military”, President Kagame said.

“I mention this to dispel any apprehensions about joining this professional career. It is a noble calling that safeguards you, your nation, and all Rwandans,” added by President Kagame”.

Among the newly commissioned officer cadets, 522 completed a one-year programme tailored to equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge for various roles within the RDF.

102 cadets pursued joint military training alongside bachelor’s degrees in social and military sciences, general medicine, mechanical and energy engineering, law, mathematics, physics, general nursing, and biology.

Out of the 624 new officers, 51 are female. Furthermore, 33 officers who graduated today underwent training in partner and friend countries of Rwanda.

Out of the 624 new officers, 51 are female


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