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President Kagame Hosts Delegation from the Miller Center and Santa Clara University to Promote Social Entrepreneurship

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Kigali, June 22, 2024 — Yesterday, Urugwiro Village buzzed with the dynamic energy of innovation and collaboration as President Paul Kagame welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Santa Clara University. This significant meeting focused on advancing social entrepreneurship and expanding educational opportunities, pivotal for Rwanda’s socio-economic development.


A Step Towards Inclusive Growth

President Kagame’s engagement with the delegation underscores Rwanda’s commitment to fostering an environment where social entrepreneurship can thrive. The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, renowned for its global impact, and Santa Clara University, a leading institution in higher education, bring a wealth of expertise and resources. Their collaboration with Rwanda aims to harness entrepreneurial spirit to address social challenges and create sustainable solutions.

Key Discussions and Objectives

The dialogue at Urugwiro Village revolved around several key areas:

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship: Both parties explored strategies to nurture social entrepreneurs who can develop innovative solutions to local and global challenges. Emphasis was placed on supporting startups and initiatives that address pressing social issues such as healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability.

Enhancing Education Opportunities: The delegation and President Kagame discussed the importance of accessible and quality education. They deliberated on how to integrate social entrepreneurship into educational curricula, thereby equipping the next generation with the skills needed to drive change.

Collaboration and Support: The meeting highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts between the government, educational institutions, and the private sector. This partnership aims to provide mentorship, funding, and a supportive ecosystem for budding social entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

Remarks from President Kagame

President Kagame expressed his optimism about the collaboration, noting, “Rwanda is dedicated to empowering its citizens through education and entrepreneurship. Our partnership with the Miller Center and Santa Clara University will accelerate our efforts to create a more inclusive and innovative economy. By nurturing social entrepreneurs, we are investing in solutions that will benefit not just Rwanda, but the world.”

Insights from the Miller Center and Santa Clara University

Representatives from the Miller Center and Santa Clara University reiterated their commitment to Rwanda’s development goals. They highlighted the transformative power of social entrepreneurship and the pivotal role education plays in fostering a resilient and innovative society.

Dr. Thane Kreiner, Executive Director of the Miller Center, remarked, “Our mission is to accelerate global, innovation-based entrepreneurship. Partnering with Rwanda allows us to extend our impact and support local entrepreneurs who are addressing critical social issues.


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