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President Kagame inspires youth to work together for country development

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President Paul Kagame inspired the young people to use their energy and work together to help their country attain its aspired development.

He was speaking at the 10-year celebration of Youth Volunteers that convened 7,500 young people from across the country at the BK Arena in Kigali.

“Young people like you, the energy you have, the drive you have, should help you achieve a lot. You have to continue working together to help your country attain its aspired development,” President Paul Kagame advised the youth.

“In everything you do, you should keep in mind your parents, or even your extended families because when you think about your country, you are thinking about your loved ones, and when you think about your loved ones, you are thinking about your country,” President Kagame added.

President Paul Kagame told the youth that Rwanda is not for individuals or a specific group.

“It is for all of us. When we put our efforts together, when we work together, we are striving for the development of our nation and our collective development as a people.”

President Kagame thanked the youth volunteers because of what they demonstrated during Covid-19, as youth volunteers, and it helped a lot in the fight against that pandemic.

“We would not have succeeded in our fight against Covid-19 without the important role you played,” President Kagame said.

There are at least 1.9 million youth volunteers across the country in Rwanda involved in different development activities such as building houses for the vulnerable, preventing malnutrition, and raising awareness about different public health issues and mobilization.


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