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President Nyusi visits Rwanda security force

*President Nyusi visits Rwanda Security Force*

Yesterday, 22 February 2024, Filipe Jacinto NYUSI, the President of the Republic of Mozambique visited Rwanda Security Forces in Ancuabe District, Cabo Delgado province. The President was accompanied by Mozambique’s Defence Minister, Maj Gen Cristovão Artur Chume.

On arrival, the President was welcomed by the RDF Army Chief of Staff (ACOS), Maj Gen V NYAKARUNDI who is in Cabo Delgado province for a tour of duty. The RDF Army Chief of Staff was flanked by RSF Commander Maj Gen Alex Kagame, RSF Police Component Comd & staff officers as reported by Rwanda’s Defense Force in statement.

In his remarks, the president commended the work done by Rwanda Security Forces and FADM in pacifying the district and called on them to maintain momentum in halting the terrorists’ activities southwards.

The RDF Army Chief of Staff briefed the Force on the Security Situation back home and requested the Force to remain focused and committed to their mission.

Since July 2021, the Rwandan Army and the Police have been in Mozambique, in efforts to deal with the insecurity that had taken place in Cabo Delgado due to terrorist rebels.

Nowadays security has returned, people have returned to their homes, schools are re-open, hotels and other businesses are open, the terrorsits are also fleeing to the forests.


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