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PSD and PL approve Kagame as their candidate in the 2024 presidential election

The Rwanda Opposition Parties, the Rwanda Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Parti Liberal (PL), have approved Paul Kagame as their candidate in the upcoming July presidential election.

During the extraordinary general assembly of PSD on March 24th, members of the party approved and elected President Paul Kagame, who is the Chairman of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-INKOTANYI), as their flag bearer in the upcoming Presidential election on July 15th.

The Chairman of PSD, Dr. Vincent Biruta, said that it is important to take into account the processes of unity, democracy, and development in the last 30 years and continue to strengthen unity and reconciliation.

He stated that after gathering opinions from the party members, they decided that the candidate for the position of the President of the PSD Party in the presidential election would be Paul Kagame.

“In the presidential elections, the PSD Party has a candidate, whether it is from the actual party or another Rwandan, even if they are not from the PSD Party. However, if we see potential in him, we would not recommend the candidate,” said the PSD Chairman.

“We asked the members of the political bureau, exchanged ideas, and found that our candidate will be His Excellency Paul Kagame.”

He affirmed that President Kagame is “an outstanding leader who has shown great potential and is a good Rwandan who loves all Rwandans. Another thing is that all Rwandans love him without a doubt.

“Another point we relied on is that he is a leader respected by the world,” added Dr. Vincent Biruta.

Not only PSD but also PL Members decided to choose Paul Kagame as the candidate of its party in the presidential election.

The Chairperson of PL, Mukabalisa Donatille, said, “Members of PL have decided to support His Excellency Paul Kagame to continue leading Rwanda because he has done many good things, including stopping the Genocide against the Tutsis in 1994 and liberating the country. He has also developed the country in all spheres.”

Four political parties, including FPR-Inkotanyi, PSD, PL, and PDI, have all elected President Paul Kagame as their presidential candidate in the July Election.


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