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Queensland Launches Christmas Blitz: Police Target Drink Drivers

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Queensland is set for a major crackdown on drink drivers this festive season as the state police launch Operation Victor Mistletoe, a high-visibility road safety campaign. 

Police Minister Mark Ryan emphasized the importance of responsible driving during December’s celebrations, stating, “If you are planning on drinking – do not plan to drive.” The move comes after 251 lives were lost on Queensland roads this year, with over 20 percent of fatalities linked to drink driving.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream expressed the urgency of making safe decisions on the road, highlighting the tragic consequences of driving under the influence. “Too many lives have been lost on our roads as a direct result of someone selfishly making the wrong decision,” Stream stated. The police will employ various strategies, including random breath tests, drug tests, and speed detection, to ensure road safety during the festive holiday period until January 25, 2024.

With a stern warning, Stream declared, “Expect to see us anywhere, anytime.” During the initial phase of the operation, between November 17 and November 29, police conducted 29,862 random breath tests, identifying 431 drink drivers, and 1,853 drug tests, identifying 359 drug drivers. 

Queenslanders are urged to plan ahead and prioritize safety to prevent further tragedies on the roads this Christmas.


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