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RDF’s Spokesperson Speaks about Tshisekedi’s Threat to Invade Rwanda

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The spokesperson for the RDF, Brig Gen Ronald Rwivanga, announced that the Rwandan Army is ready for war, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, has been saying for days that he will attack Rwanda.

On Monday, December 18, when DRC President Fatshi Beton, as he calls himself, was in Kinshasa at the Ndjili Sainte Thérèse ground to finish his election campaign, he again spoke words against Rwanda and stated that he will ask the Congolese Parliament to attack Rwanda when the first bullet falls in Congo.

“When the bullet falls in Congo or the first area they conquer, I will ask the Parliament to allow me to attack Rwanda,” President Felix Tshisekedi said.

“Don’t be afraid, today our army can shoot in Kigali City even if they are in Goma. If Rwanda attacks us, President Kagame will not sleep in his house, he will go to sleep in the forest. He plays with other people and not with Fatshi Beton,” Felix Tshisekedi added.

These are words that were not well received by various people, including Rwandans and foreigners, who say that these are not words that should be said by the President.

RDF Spokesperson Brig Gen Rwivanga, in an interview The Long Form with Sanny Ntayombya, was asked what would happen if Tshisekedi implements what he said, and he replied that the Rwandan Army is ready to protect the country in times of attack.

“I am responding to a political problem with a military solution. We are ready. And we are always ready. There is nothing new about our preparations,” RDF Spokesperson Brig Gen Rwivanga said.

In recent days, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda, Alain Mukuralinda, while speaking to Mama Urwagasabo TV, said that Rwanda has the ability to protect its people and even if the bombs, if fired by the FARDC, will not reach in Rwanda because Rwanda has radars that protect its airspace.


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