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RRA to reward final consumers who requested EBM receipt

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) informs all final consumers that they shall be rewarded with 10% of the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the invoice when they request and obtain an Electronic Billing Machine (EBM) invoice on their purchases.

In the statement released on 14th March, RRA stated that if you are denied an EBM receipt or given one that doesn’t match the sales value, the client must inform RRA in order to intervene.

RRA also mentions that in this case, the seller shall face a penalty of 10 times the VAT shown on the invoice (for the first occurrence), of which 50% shall be an additional reward for the informant final consumer.

To this effect, the Rwanda Revenue Authority requests all final consumers to register through a designated system in order to have access to view their accrued rewards corresponding to their EBM requests.

Registration to the system can be done by dialing *800# on a personal mobile phone and following the prompts or registering online via

RRA noted that a final consumer has to provide the seller with the telephone number that will receive the reward in order to be recorded on the EBM receipt, and the seller shall not request the final consumer to provide a TIN or purchase code.


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